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We are have video tutorials below showing you how to use LifeLocker. Some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below with helpful answers from our Support team. If you need help with something not answered below, please email our support team at support@lifelocker.co.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LifeLocker and how does it work?

    LifeLocker is an online tool that helps you record your memories and write your life story. As well as encouraging you to write down your favourite memories and important life events, it also lets you plan for the future. You can create a personalised bucket list, safely store important documents, and share your story with friends and family. It's a fun life planning tool that lets you leave a legacy for future generations. LifeLocker is free to use, with special features available to Avalon plan holders. Sign up now for free to start telling your unique story.

  • How do I create an account?

    To start using LifeLocker, you'll need to create your account. Simply click Get Started and you'll be prompted to enter some personal details. Click to save and create your account, and you'll be taken to your new LifeLocker, where you can get started answering questions for the first chapter. It's as simple as that!

  • I've forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

    If you're trying to sign in, but you've forgotten your password, you can click on the 'Forgotten your password?' link just below the sign in form. This will prompt you to enter your email address. We will then send you a password reset email. Please allow up to 24 hours for the email to come through to your email inbox. If you are still unable to log in, please email support@lifelocker.co.uk.

  • How do I start my first chapter?

    If you've signed up for a LifeLocker account, click the Sign In button and enter your log in details. You'll be taken to your LifeLocker, where you'll see helpful hints of what to fill in next. If you haven't got a Lifelocker account, you'll need to sign up before you can start writing your story. Simply click Get Started and enter your details to create your free account.

  • How do I add photos?

    As you complete your LifeLocker chapters, you'll see that some questions let you add photos to bring your story to life. To add a photo, click 'Add photos'. You will be asked to choose the photo file from your computer or device. Click the file that you want to upload and confirm. Your photo upload will begin and may take a few seconds, depending on how big the file is. You can add up to three photos. If you want to securely store more photos, you can do this in the online storage in Chapter 7, which is unlocked when you become an Avalon plan holder. If you are already a plan holder you can enter your plan ID in account settings, or visit www.avalonfuneralplans.com to find out more about Avalon's range of funeral plans.

  • What are the notes sections for?

    Throughout LifeLocker, as you're answering questions, you'll see extra notes sections under some questions. These are where you can write any extra details, background information or important notes. Simply click the icon to open the notes section and type whatever you'd like to add. Then click to save.

  • Is LifeLocker free?

    Yes, absolutely! Anyone can sign up and start writing their life story. However, to access full features and Chapters 6 and 7, you'll need to be an Avalon plan holder. Find out more about this below.

  • Do I have to answer all the questions?

    LifeLocker asks you questions to help you write your life story. But if you find that a particular question isn't relevant to you, it's fine to move on to the next one. However, there are certain questions that have to be filled in before you can view your Story. These are marked with a red asterisk*.

  • How do I resume a chapter that I started but didn't finish?

    If you've started a chapter but not finished answering all the questions, you can return to the chapter at any time to finish or edit your answers. When you log into your account, you'll be given helpful prompts to pick up where you left off. You can also navigate to the different chapters at any time by scrolling through the questions or by clicking on 'Chapters' in the menu at the top of your screen.

  • What is a Story and how do I view them?

    Stories are fun, shareable summaries of your LifeLocker answers. When you view a Story, you'll see key memories and moments highlighted, along with interesting facts and figures. Everyone can view their Story for Chapter 5, but to unlock Stories for other chapters, you'll need to be an Avalon plan holder. To view a Story, log into your LifeLocker account and on the main page, scroll down to 'Completed chapters'. Here you'll see chapters that you've completed, with an option to 'View Story'. Click to view your Story. From here you can share with your family or friends on social media, email or with a direct link.

  • What is a Keyholder?

    LifeLocker lets you nominate Keyholders. Keyholders can access your LifeLocker to view the answers to your questions, but they can't edit anything. You might choose a close friend or family member to be a Keyholder, and you can add up to five in total. If you are an Avalon plan holder, Keyholders will also be able to access any important documentation you have securely stored in the online document storage.

  • How do I add a Keyholder?

    To add a Keyholder, log into your account and click Keyholders from the menu at the top of the page. On the Keyholder page you can see people that you have asked to be a keyholder and whether they have accepted the invitation. You can also add a keyholder here by entering their name, relationship to you, and email address.

  • I've been made a Keyholder by someone else - what does this involve?

    If someone you know invites you to be a Keyholder, you'll receive an email notification asking whether you want to accept the invitation or not. If you choose to accept the invitation, you'll be made a Keyholder and will have access to view their LifeLocker. You cannot edit any information in their LifeLocker. Being a Keyholder is an important job, because if your friend or family member passes away, you can access their LifeLocker and see what their funeral wishes were, as well as view their unique life story.

  • How safe is my data?

    LifeLocker is a secure online tool that keeps your memories, plans and data safe. It's up to you who you share your unique LifeLocker with, and you can do so by nominating keyholders or sharing stories online. We will not share your personal details with anyone else. All your sensitive personal information is protected under the General Data Protection Regulation. To find out more, read our Terms & Conditions.

  • What is an Avalon plan holder?

    If you have an Avalon funeral plan, you are an Avalon plan holder. This gives you access to extra features on LifeLocker, such as unlocking Chapter 6, viewing Stories for all chapters and secure online document storage. If you are already a plan holder, simply go to 'Settings' and enter your plan ID and postcode to unlock these features.

  • I'm an Avalon plan holder, how do I unlock additional LifeLocker features?

    If you are already an Avalon plan holder, you can unlock additional features in LifeLocker. First, sign into LifeLocker and click your profile picture at the top of the screen. Select 'Account settings' from the menu. This will take you to your settings, where you can enter your plan ID number and postcode. We will then confirm that you are a plan holder, so you can access all of LifeLocker's extra features.

  • Why can't I access some parts of LifeLocker?

    LifeLocker is free to sign up and free to use, but some features are only available to Avalon plan holders. If you already have an Avalon funeral plan, you can unlock these features by entering your plan ID and postcode in your account settings. To find out more about buying an Avalon funeral plan, go to Chapter 7 or visit https://www.avalonfuneralplans.com.

  • Why can't I share my Story?

    Everyone who creates a LifeLocker account can record their memories, create a bucket list, and share their Story for Chapter 5. However, Stories for other chapters can only be viewed by Avalon plan holders. If you already have an Avalon plan, you can unlock these features by entering your plan ID and postcode in your account settings. To find out more about buying an Avalon funeral plan, go to Chapter 7 or visit www.avalonfuneralplans.com.

  • How can I become an Avalon plan holder?

    To become an Avalon plan holder, you must have a bought a funeral plan from Avalon. Avalon offers a range of tailored prepaid funeral plans that let you beat rising funeral costs and make important decisions about your funeral in advance. For more information, visit www.avalonfuneralplans.com, or speak to one of our friendly advisors on 0800 014 9112.

  • How do I use the secure online document storage?

    If you are an Avalon plan holder and you have confirmed your plan ID in your LifeLocker settings, you will be able to use the secure document storage in Chapter 7. This is a safe online store for important documents such as your funeral plan certificate, will, other financial paperwork and photos. To use the storage, go to Chapter 7 and navigate to the storage area. Click 'Upload' to add a document. A box will appear asking you to select the document from your computer, tablet or mobile device. Click on the document you want to add and confirm to upload it to your LifeLocker storage. Your Keyholders will be able to access and view these documents, so that when the time comes they can find all the relevant information safely stored in one place.

  • How do I use the voice-to-text feature in Chapter 6?

    If you are an Avalon plan holder and you have confirmed your plan ID in your LifeLocker settings, you will be able to use voice-to-text in Chapter 6 to write your story. This clever technology lets you 'talk' to LifeLocker, so that you don't have to type. Simply click on the 'Speak' icon to start talking. LifeLocker will listen to your voice and turn it into text automatically.

  • Is your internet browser and operating system up to date?

    LifeLocker is designed to work on the latest version of your operating system and internet browser. LifeLocker currently supports:

    • Microsoft OS - Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. LifeLocker will function in IE11, although the performance will not be as smooth as more modern browsers.
    • Apple mobile, tablet and desktop iOS – Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, however we only support the current version of the operating system and the previous version. As of the current date (Feb 2020) we support iOS 13 and 12.​

    The main features and functions of LifeLocker may work on some older browsers or operating systems, but if you are experiencing issues it might be worth considering an upgrade to your computer's software.

    Some of LifeLocker’s special features will only work in certain browsers:

    • 'Voice to Text' in Chapter 6 will only work in Chrome on the desktop
    • 'Video Recording’ in Chapter 6 will only work in Chrome and Firefox

    However, if you are using a different browser or device, don't worry you will be offered an alternative method to input your content.

  • Who is Avalon?

    Avalon has been in business for over 25 years, helping people find peace of mind by planning for the future. We offer a range of prepaid funeral plans that let you beat rising funeral costs make important decisions in advance. Avalon has over 2,000 5* reviews on Trustpilot and is officially the Best Funeral Plan Provider, as voted for by thousands of customers at the Personal Finance awards.  They offer plans in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus.  To find out more about Avalon, visit wwww.avalonfuneralplans.com

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